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   Build your own cheap cardreader.
    I used this to get the data out of the prepaid type-1 cards that were release in
    Nov '96 by swisscom. I couldn't wait to see the data... and i didn't have a card
    reader, so i built it on my own, veeeery cheap...
    I used my old amiga, as the parallel port access is easy to program.
    Think its not a problem to do that on a pc as well. Nice is, that you don't really
    have to bother with the clockrate to read out the type 1 card.
    The technical info on whats going on and how the pins are connected will follow,
    in the meantime, figure it out yourself, you will learn more this way ; ).

    Mousetrap cardreader items:

    - mousetrap (my luchs does a great job...)
    - some wire
    - 8 pin jumper connector or similar thing
    - leukoplast
    - 25 pin parallel port connector
    - computer equipment
    - soldering equipment
    - a little bit of knowledge


Remove all unecessary killer tools like cheese holder and stuff. All we need is a good pressure
for the contacts. Bend the pins somewhat to have a good contact on the card.
The 'leukoplast' will act as insulator and that the connector-pin block won't slip away.
Adjust it and start the read process.

Data read from sample card


Source code for 68k assembler on amiga

source file