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Nokia Series 60 Symbian 6.1 Bluebox

(c) phunatic phreak/www.phreak.ch

bluebox.sis (BETA RELEASE!!)

By downloading this software you agree that  phreak.ch and the coder of the bluebox.sis is not /cannot be held
responsible for any data loss, damage, neglection of services or anything not nice.
Downloading, installing and execution of the software is completely your fault and risk.
(it should work fine on any 6.1 Symbian Series 60 release Nokia phone though. If not, let me know,sipme;)..)

this link/info explains pretty well why there wont be any new releases at least until 2011..
(the bastards change the basic apis every year?)
(i might just give u the source to this (6.1 symbian), if i find the working one;))

(you can hack it (virus injections are not allowed) , reverse engineer it, spread it, delete it, overwrite it
but it may NEVER be sold in any way on any media. Its 100% FREE as in beer
and without any charge,
no subscription fee, no lifetime membership required, no information collected
when downloaded and run.


There are still some errors in it as some calculations take too long, and the audiostream output changes to half the
frequency (seems to be a known problem with audio streams..).
The problem occurs mainly on the DTMF since the calc is the longest for these freqs.
 I  am working on a version with a separate thread for the audio.
Additionally, R2 forward and backward tones (no, no reception decoding yet) are already half in and green box is planned as well.
Silver box is already included with the DTMF.
I will try to get DTMF ok, for the blueboxing, you would be veeery lucky if it worked in any way, although I will take care to
have a proper audio frequency/timing output according to my nice old ccitt (blue;)) books.
enjoy ;)

Download bluebox.sis and  you MUST install it on the memory card, not on the phone mem (sorry, its beta...)
Once started, move right and left with the cursor joypad to select which tone thingy you want.
Try down/up to select additional tones like abcd on the dtmf.
Everything beta, hope it works.
Tested on Nokia NGAGE and Nokia 7610

Goto Nokia Forum for more infos on phones, coding etc 
(like before you buy a phone and find out its mp3 player is mono only, oh wait, nokia wont mention that..)

Technical info on frequencies and implementation will follow.

Release date: 31.12.2005


s60 icon Once installed (yes it has a unique id ;), but no certification stuff), start it from your menu.

title bluebox jNothing here just the title. Looks familiar? Saved me some time... ;)

dtmf DTMF/TouchTone use joydown for a,b,c,d tones (aka white box, as far as i know)

c5 sCCITT No 5. signalling tones (bluebox). Since R1 is very similar, this should suffice

red box Red Box
1,2,3 US timing/freqs
4,5,6 for Canadian timing/freqs
(yeah, the green box will follow..)
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